A Year in a B&B in Banff

By Jamie MacVicar

What happens when an American man meets a loveable Canadian who just happens to own a B&B?

Stunning Banff! The adventure of the Canadian Rockies... so what's it like to live there and run a B&B? A witty, insightful look at life in a small town that is famously nestled in the Canadian Rockies. With a foot in both cultures, and comparisons aplenty, MacVicar takes the reader on an often hilarious, sometimes poignant, and always illuminating journey. It's an authentic look at Banff as it is today. And by the time you've finished this affaire d'amour you will feel like a local.

From bear spray to toilet brushes, and crafty politicians to small-town monopolies, just when the reader least suspects it this non-fiction narrative takes an unexpected turn. And in the end it's a tale about what it is to be human, and to live in the Canadian Rockies surrounded by beauty - nourished by a natural world too rarely embraced.

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